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Over 40% of participants live in West Philadelphia.

Question: What neighborhood do you live in?

People see the Centennial District today as a beautiful place full of history, but also as a place that is underutilized and has potential.

Prompt: Describe the Centennial District in 3 words.

People imagine the Centennial District of the future as a place that is accessible, clean, and safe.

Describe your ideal future for the Centennial District in 3 words.

People visit other areas of the park more frequently than they visit the various institutions within the District.

Question: How frequently do you visit?

Many of people's favorite memories in the Centennial District are about particular activities (like biking, swimming, picnicking), festivals, visiting institutions, or being in nature.

Question: What's your favorite memory in the Centennial District?

People are interested in seeing various types stories told, particularly around history.

Question: What kinds of stories would you like to see told in the Centennial District?

The most cited amenities that would make people visit the Centennial District are trails (both paved and non-paved), restrooms, and unprogrammed spaces.

Question: What would make you visit the Centennial District?

The most preferred types of events that people would visit the Centennial District for are seasonal, music, and food events.

Question: What types of events would you visit the Centennial District for?

Lack of maintenance, lack of restrooms, and too much traffic were the most common reasons people do not visit the Centennial District.

Question: Why do you NOT visit the Centennial District?

People generally find it easier to drive to the Centennial District than to take public transit.

Question: How easy is it for you to get to the Centennial District?

Walking and riding a personal bike are the most preferred ways of getting between destinations within the District.

Question: If you were to visit multiple destinations within the District in a day, how would you prefer to get between them?

People frequently drive through West Fairmount Park.

Question: How often do you drive through West Fairmount Park (e.g., on Montgomery Drive, Belmont Ave)?

People are most interested in seeing landscape art in the Centennial District.

Question: What other types of art would you like to see in the Centennial District?

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